1. Introduction

The present document aims to inform of the general terms and conditions regulated by Al-Qsar ́s website , Echoes of Al-Andalus ( Sotomare 2001 SL ) hereinafter called
“The Website”.

The website will provide information related to the availability of the villa, rates and services rendered by Al-Qsar, Echoes of Al-Andalus ( Sotomare 2001 sl ) and additional services and activities provided by third parties that may be made available for booking online.

The request and reservation/booking procedures are taken as full and unconditional acceptance of the latest version of the general contractual terms and conditions. For this purpose we suggest and advise you to read carefully these terms and conditions before you proceed with your booking or reservation each time you access to our website , since the website reserves its right to modify, change, add or delete at any time prior to the reservation/booking the mentioned general terms and conditions.

2. Legal regulations

The present general contractual terms and conditions are subject to the terms of Law 7/1998 of 13rd April, Royal Dec. 1/2007 of 16 th November, approving the final text of the General Law of Protection and Defense of Consumers and Users, and the complementary laws such as Law 34/2002 of 11st July for Services to Information ́s communities and Electronic Commerce, as well as all the laws applicable to the Tourism Industry and subsidiary the Civil and Commercial Codes.


The request and formalization of the reservations/bookings though the website are subject to the following clauses:


a) The person(s) executing the reservation/booking is/are of age and has/have full legal capacity to request and proceed with the reservation/booking and hereby manifests and declares that has fully understood and comprehended all the terms and conditions mentioned in the website.

b) The person(s) providing the information at the moment of executing the reservation/booking knowledge that such information is true, occur and completed.

c) The person(s) confirms that the information in the reservation/booking including the services and activities requested, number of persons, is correct, occur and completed.

The access to the website is at full responsibility of the User.


3. Contracting Services and Products though the website

3.1 In the reservation/booking should be included the services and activities required and/or requested and made available in the Website.

3.2 The User accepts that Al-Qsar, Echoes of Al Andalus (Sotomare 2001 SL) declines any responsibility in respect of the defaulted services surrender or provided by third parties namely incomplete information, lacking information, prices, characteristics of the services/products , delays, accidents or any other incidental issue, therefore Al-Qsar, Echoes of Al-Andalus (Sotomare 2001 SL) is fully exempted , of any responsibility arising of such defaults, delays, accidents or any other incidental issue or produced by the third parties despite the fact that they have been hired or contracted through our website.

3.3 The present conditions are fully accepted when the reservation/booking takes place.

The process of formalization of the reservation/booking through the website consists in four steps:

1. Availability: Search dates and select the days/weeks.

2. Budget/Price List

3. Request of payment procedures, provision of personal data and identification of the registered users.

4. Confirmation of the booking. Once the reservation/booking is effectuated the information will be processed and the client will receive a detailed confirmation of the reservation/booking by e-mail with an identification code comprising all the information as well as the general terms and conditions including the cancellation policies.

The Consultation of availability does not imply any reservation/booking, being the said subject to the confirmation by Al-Qsar, Echoes of Al-Andalus (Sotomare 2001 SL) and in this case the fulfillment of all conditions of the price lists shown in the website.


4. Prices and payment

4.1 The conditions and prices for the days/weeks required and the services requested are the ones expressively mentioned in the price list mentioned in the website.

4.2 The availability is valid as shown until the confirmation is made.

4.3 The prices mentioned in the website are prices with VAT included. The transaction is made in Euros.

4.4 To proceed with the reservation implies the disclosure of a valid credit card as warrant to the reservation/booking or alternatively by bank wire transfer.

4.5 In case of reservations/bookings by bank wire transfer proof of payment must be provided within 24 hours (swift copy, bank confirmation letter) otherwise the reservation/booking is not accepted nor valid.


5. Cancellations/Modifications

5.1 Modification of the reservations/bookings: the reservations/bookings may be modified as long as there is availability and if it is requested two weeks before the arrival ́s date by e-mail to or alternatively by phone to +34 669 726252 mentioning always the reservation code.

5.2 Cancellation of the reservations/bookings: the cancellation of a reservation/booking made by theclient on or before 50 (fifty) days before the arrival ́s date will cause the devolution/reimbursement of the amounts paid for the said the reservation/booking.

5.3 The cancellation of a reservation/booking made by the client within the 20 days prior to the arrival ́s date will NOT cause any devolution/reimbursement of the amounts paid for the reservation/booking. The cancellation of reservations/bookings are made to the e-mail or alternatively by phone to +34 669726252,

5.4 The bank charges generated with the cancellation will be charged to the client.


6. Acceptance

The request and formalization of the reservation/booking implies that each single condition of the general terms and conditions and its applicable laws are expressively accepted

7. Applicable Law

The present general terms and conditions are ruled by the Spanish Laws and Jurisdictions, and subject to the Judicial Courts of Cadiz, Spain.

OBS: This is a free translation of the Spanish general terms and conditions and it serves as an indicative and guidance notes only, therefore do not have any legal value or can be used in a Court of Law. In case of doubt please revert to the original version in Spanish language and/or an official and legally binding translation.