Entrada de la villa

For any enquiries, please contact us at reservas@al-qsar.com or call +34 669 726 252..

Located in a unique setting, the villa is bordered to the west and all along its southern boundary by the Guadalquitón nature reserve, a haven for an incredible range of flora and fauna.

Due to its proximity to the nature reserve, Al-Qsar is ideal for those who love the sights and sounds of nature. Your stay at Al-Qsar will be a truly indescribable experience; something that must be appreciated in the flesh.

Al-Qsar is located within the Sotogrande private apartment complex in the municipality of San Roque in Cadiz (Andalusia). Sotogrande is one of the most famous apartment complexes in the whole of Southern Europe, combining the sea and nature in a luxurious private setting.

There are things shut away behind these walls which, if they suddenly came out onto the streets and shouted out, would fill the world.

Federico García Lorca